You are a miracle worker!! Thanks so much.”

—Curran Residence

The Bathroom looks great!”

—Pagnotta residence

Thanks for a job well done. I will keep your name and number for future reference.

Thank You,”

—Ryan Residence, 10/25/00

The job looks great!”

—Peltier Residence

Recently, I decided to remodel my bathroom. I had purchased an older duplex in the Central Neighborhood of Minneapolis that was in need of a great deal of rehab. Friends of mine with varied expertise had offered to help with the remodeling to save money. While we were able to complete most of the work without hiring a professional contractor, no one I knew of had any expertise with drywall. I had heard that it was very expensive to hire a drywall contractor and wasn't even sure who I could call that I could trust to give me a fair price and complete the job in an efficient manner.

A friend of mine referred me to Kevin Lithgow of K.L. Drywall. I called Kevin to see if he would at least come to look at my place and give me a bid. He came to my house the next day at 9:00 a.m. and gave me a bid that I thought was surprisingly cheap. He was also very helpful in providing me with information about what the job would entail. Kevin completed the drywall installation and taping in a couple of days and it was perfect.

Kevin Lithgow is very professional, respectful and helpful to homeowners who are new to the home improvement process. Since he works so efficiently, the cost is far less than other drywall contractors I've heard of and when he completed my project, he left the area he worked on, completely clean.

I would recommend Kevin Lithgow and his company K.L. Drywall to anyone who has a need for a professional drywall contractor who is trustworthy and efficient.”

—Stephanie, 12/10/02

Regarding: 180 sheet re-model, Burnsville, MN:

Thanks for the great job that you and your crew did on the drywall finishing. We have had several people ask who did the taping and [knockdown] texturing.

Our painters said that they appreciate working on a job that is so smooth and consistent. The painters said that your job made their job easier.

Two friends of mine that do general contracting work also commented on your work. They said that it has been a long time since they have seen such a good job of taping and texturing. If you ever need a referral or recommendation, please feel free to give them my name and number.”

—Arnie Odean, 1/3/03

Regarding Ceiling Skimming in an vintage home: Great job.

We'll Call next time we need some monster mudding help!”

—Rob Young of Torrey/Young painting, 1/20/03

"SHU" Looks Great!! (upscale shoe store on Grand Ave., St. Paul)
You do nice work Kevin and I appreciate the prompt service you provide.
It's a pleasure working with you!

Thanks again,”

—Tim (Timothy Webb Company)

Just a note to thank you again for doing such a nice job on the ceilings.
I will call you when we are ready for the kitchen, family room area.

Thank you so much for the fine, professional work you did. (I know there was some extra work involved as well.) The ceilings look wonderful.

Both Rick and I appreciate your work as well as the way you left the house when you were finished!

We'd Like to refer you to our friends if you agree.”

—Rick & Carolyn

Garage looks fantastic, you exceeded my expectations in the final job.
Very nice job on taping, mudding and covering up the garage door rails.

—Kevin Rosar, 9/12/03

Thanks so much for the job that you did!! I appreciate your timeliness and completing the job in the fashion that you did.”

—Ester Tingen, 10/29/03

KL Drywall to the rescue! My wife and I recently finished our basement. As such, I requested bids for sheet rocking and taping the walls and ceiling. I received two bids. One from KL Drywall and one from another contractor. Well call me stupid! I chose the other contractor to save a little money. Needless to say, I ended up hiring KL Drywall to come in and repair the paltry job of the other contractor. KL Drywall performed miracles and completed the job on-time and on budget. Oh what I could have done with the money wasted on the other contractor. Thank you Kevin!”

—Woodbury, MN, 4/30/2004

Because this room was in such chaos, I can especially appreciate Kevin's plastering mastery. ”

—Homeowner of remodel and addition for Orfield Design in Orano, MN, 07/04
This job also included the repair of cracked and damaged of 1950's era plaster crown molding

Kevin and his crew did a FANTASTIC job on our basement drywall - it looks great! They were courteous, completed the job in a timely manner and kept us informed of any schedule changes along the way. In addition, Kevin was easy to get a hold of during the project and a pleasure to work with!”

—Maldonado Residence, Rosemount, MN 01/05

It looks fantastic! I'll take another look tonight now that the gray (wet) areas will be cleared up, but I'm totally happy with your work. It's exactly like I was hoping it would be.”


Hey the basement turned out great! Still painting the laundry room. Yeah, I'm slow. Your work is fantastic!”

—Jerry K

Thanks for all your good work! The finishing looks terrific, and my wife and I are thrilled by the clean-up effort. I would like to recommend your skills to my acquaintances who might be seeking help with a drywall project.”

—Peter in St. Paul, 2/28/06

Thanks again to you and your fine crew. Our painter got the ceilings and our bedroom painted over the weekend.

I have roof bids going on and then maybe we can tackle the wall problem in the dining room.

Thanks again....we love our new ceilings!!!!!”

—Doug, Minneapolis, 8/28/06

Private Client References (partial list)

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